ASE’s Deep Listening Process – A New Direction for the Music Business
On March 19th–22nd, 2023, Essence was shared at A&R Worldwide’s MUSEXPO - United Nations of Music, held at Castaway, Burbank, Los Angeles, California.

Through bridging the perceived gap between commercial music and the power of sound to promote health and longevity, ASE highlighted new creative opportunities for the 600 delegates attending MUSEXPO, the annual international music, media and technology conference.

Delegates immediately encountered ASE concepts at the conference opening. Introductory remarks from Sat Bisla ( Founder A&R Worldwide and MUSEXPO ) and Conductor David Murphy led directly into the conference’s flagship opening event – a Global Keynote and Panel Discussion on “the Future of the Music Business.”
The panel was moderated by Mark Sutherland of Music Business Worldwide and included Satya Hinduja ( Founder and Artist, Alchemic Sonic Environment ) in conversation with:

Karl Kongkham – Managing Director, Warner Music ( Thailand )
Kristin Graziani – President, Stem
The late Phil Quartararo – former President and Chairman, The Hello Group
Vikram Mehra - Managing Director, Saregama Music Ltd. ( India )

A wide-ranging discussion around current issues and opportunities for the music industry followed, with Satya highlighting the extraordinary untapped potential for music within the realms of health and longevity.

The path to health and longevity is central to ASE and is encapsulated in the phrase “the architecture of space.” Seeing health as a process rather than an event, ASE creates highly curated sonic journeys through environments designed to promote optimum mental, physical, and spiritual growth.
ASE environments work on a subconscious level through symbols such as earth instruments, tuning forks and artifacts engaging all senses, including the often-neglected sense of scent, thus activating the limbic system, seat of scent, emotion and memory. This acts directly on the autonomic nervous system, supporting presence, contemplation and encouraging personal transformation. Through this process, ASE seeks to orchestrate a holistic symphony of space, symbol, and sensation, conducting individuals towards enhanced well-being and longevity.
With the initial seeds planted at the busy conference opening, delegates were invited on a subliminal ASE journey from the ASE Booth ( in the lively exhibitors hall ), to the full experience itself in a serene space, the Waterfront Room, surrounded by nature’s magical setting, before returning to the ASE Booth, an oasis amidst the bustle, for further reflection and integration.
As a welcoming, safe space, the ASE Booth conveyed the essence of ASE in a nutshell: it provided a natural setting, awakened curiosity and created an environment for new narratives to be written.

With dialogues facilitated by ASE team members Chris Cameron, Brenno Kaschner Russo and David Murphy, key ASE ideas were communicated:

  • Intentional sound and mindful silence promote brain health
  • Health is a process not an event
  • ASE is building a new genre using sound to encourage whole brain attunement
  • ASE is restoring the primal value of music and sound
  • ASE’s unique process “the architecture of space”

Their curiosity awakened, delegates were invited into the ASE journey by reserving a seat for an Essence experience and beginning a full immersion in the ASE Process.

This immersive experience took place in Castaway’s Waterfront Room, which was adorned by beautiful floral decorations created by Jenya Flowers.
Listeners were guided through a carefully curated pathway inviting a deeper state of presence with each step leading into the deep listening experience. Before entering, eye masks, harvest cards and water were shared to enhance the listening experience and invite an even deeper safe space.
The carefully curated use of flowers in the design of the space played a pivotal role in its transformation. The floral designs served not only as aesthetic elements, but also as integral components of the experiential landscape, seamlessly integrating the technology within the environment. This metamorphosis converted a generic conference room into a vibrant space that celebrated the confluence of nature and technology.

In harmony with the underlying concept of “the architecture of space” the flowers symbolized the profound capacity of resonant sound to mold natural geometric patterns in the very fabric of matter ( a phenomenon that permeates the air around us, especially when we engage with intentional sonic compositions such as Essence ). By paying close attention, we can discern this geometry across the spectrum of creation, from the subatomic realm to the vast expanse of the cosmos.
The resonance of nature was further enhanced by burning juniper cedar. This supported a deep connection to otherworldliness; to emit a scent is the furthest an objective reality can go towards dematerialising and becoming a pure idea or feeling. The artful orchestration of scent, sound, lighting, and spatial elements created an overarching narrative for the space, embracing the confluence of nature and technology in the quest for a unified, multisensory deep listening experience.

Within this carefully curated, safe space, delegates were treated to an eleven-minute Deep Listening experience of Essence 136.10 Hz The Earth’s Primal Frequency.
Having been gently brought back to an awareness of the here and now, delegates were invited to write their immediate thoughts, feelings and reflections on “Harvest Cards.” Designed by The Dialogue Lab, in partnership with ASE, Harvest Cards explore the inter-relational potential between sound and language. Through sensations and reflections of individual participants, many valuable insights were revealed with further integration and reflection taking place on return visits to the ASE Booth. Below are just some of the ‘Harvests’ revealed by the experience at MUSEXPO.
‘I felt my body in layers, beautiful thoughts about the future came to my mind. Wish to repeat, a great feeling.’
— Listener
‘Gave me an idea. To use certain spaces I know ( cave, glass room ) to record. Thanks!’
— Listener
The session concluded with a short film that explored and illuminated the ASE Process. The experience had a profound effect on many delegates, some even making important decisions as a result:

“I feel ready to let go of the things that no longer serve me - my peace of mind and happiness come first. Let go: old relationship, job. Bring in: family, friends, peace, love, happiness, nature, NYC.”

Satya Hinduja
Sound Artist, Composer and Founder

David Murphy
Conductor, Educator, Systems Facilitator 

Chris Cameron
Executive Director

Brenno Kaschner Russo
Partner, The Dialogue Lab

Sat Bisla
A&R, A&R Worldwide

Sohini Chowdhury
Project Development

Socrates Mitsios
Mental Health Researcher

Nissa Nishikawa
Associate Artist

Cecilie Gravesen
Creative Producer / Moving Image

Fiona Digney
Creative Producer, Live Experiences

Eben D’amico
Music Producer

Jaydee DeLeon
Studio Engineer

Gabby Zonneveld
Studio Assistant

Ashley Kinnard Studio
Graphic Design

Florent Ademaj
Website Development

Hannah Getz

Trisha Sarang
Color Grading

Vibroacoustic Tech

Sound Rental