Alchemic Sonic Environment ( ASE ) is working at the intersection of sound, music and health. We create multi-sensory immersive experiences to foster deep connections with oneself and the ecosystem. ASE blends timeless wisdom with emerging technologies, aiming to enhance physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. ASE leverages the therapeutic potential of sound for health and longevity.

ASE is a site specific experience designed to invoke states of reflection, receptivity, and exchange. ASE’s integrative method uses spatial audio and vibroacoustic technologies to demonstrate sound as therapy, positively impacting the wellbeing of artists and audiences aiming to foster deep connection with oneself and the ecosystem.

Envisioned by composer and sound artist 'Satya', born Satya Hinduja, ASE is grounded in ancient practices of sound and an empirical research perspective. Steadily evolving into a cross-disciplinary NeuroSound research and technology platform guided by the fields of epigenetics and cognitive neuroscience, ASE’s vision is to redefine the transformative power of sonic perception and its impact on human potential.

Collaborating and cross pollinating with partners across the arts, sciences, health, and technology industries, we explore health as a process. By bridging ancient practices of sound and energy medicine with emerging technologies, Alchemic Sonic Environment aims to reframe the collective memories within our communities and potentialize the future of sound, music, and movement within integrative medicine.



Alchemic Sonic Environment explores the nature of health as a process rather than an event, to redefine the transformative power of sound. As a meditative method, we believe it has the potential to inform the future of brain-body health and help in protecting, building and reimagining human potential and planetary well-being. With accessibility and transparency at the heart of our work, we aim to create diverse, synergistic environments that cultivate interconnectivity among individuals and communities, ultimately connecting people on a global level with our planet’s all-embracing ecosystem.


Our collective momentum focuses on engagement with partners and collaborators to shape practical applications, distribution, experiential and commercial value for all concerned. We invite dialogues from the highest levels of influence while collaborating and cross-pollinating with partners across the arts, sciences, health and technology industries. Alchemic Sonic Environment focuses on redefining the transformational power of sound with emerging technologies.


Sound Medicine is the science of using audible and inaudible frequencies to release stored energy and invoke emergent states of healing. Sound impacts matter through properties of resonance and synchronization. We are researching the use of these properties to develop sonic interventions for some of the most common health conditions in the world today.


Alchemic Sonic Environment is building an ecosystem with a collective of artists, researchers and emerging technologists to develop and produce an integration of sound, music, spatial audio and vibroacoustic ( tactile audio ) devices within performances, installations and education resources that are of significance to our physiology, psychology and biology. 

We create integrative journeys informed by ancient wisdom and current research addressing all senses under the umbrella of medicinal arts and science.