Alchemic sonic Environment is a global nomadic project exploring the nature of health through multi-sensory deep listening experiences ( performances, installations and education ). ASE works at the intersection of music and health, demonstrating the transformational power of music inspired by ancient practices of sound, emerging technologies, and an empirical research perspective.
We invite you to join us at the ASE Space, located at Classical:NEXT Stand 7 to experience Essence, the heart of Satya Hinduja’s debut album The Athenaeum of Sound.

Composed and produced by Satya Hinduja, Conducted by David Murphy, performed by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Synergy Vocals and Sitarists Hidayat Husain Khan and Abhik Mukherjee alongside instrument inventor Alan Tower.

Recorded by GRAMMY - award winning recording engineer John Kurlander and mixed in 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos for audio and vibroacoustics by John Kurlander and Emre Ramazanoglu.

Your personal multi-sensory deep listening journey into the essence of TAlchemic Sonic Environment will be structured as a 30 minute session. Satya Hinduja and David Murphy will also be presenting the Sound Mind, Sound Body Panel on Tuesday, May 14th, from 5:00 to 6:00 with Zoë Armfield of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. The panel will delve into the philosophical, methodological, and technical development of Alchemic Sonic Environment and our first performance concept“Harmony of the Worlds” and explore the innovative 'Liverpool Philharmonic Music and Health Programme.' By showcasing the transformative power of these initiatives, we will demonstrate how classical music can act as a catalyst for change – a driving force creating a better future for society.
15th & 16th May
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