Alchemic Sonic Environment is a site-specific multi-sensory deep listening experience designed to invoke states of reflection, receptivity, and exchange.


Alchemic Sonic Environment® (ASE) is a global nomadic project exploring the nature of health through multisensory deep listening experiences designed to invoke states of reflection, receptivity and exchange.

Developed by Composer and sound artist Satya Hinduja, ASE materializes through performances, installations and education. Collaborating and cross-pollinating with partners across the arts, sciences, health and technology industries, Alchemic Sonic Environment focuses on redefining the transformational power of sound with emerging technologies.

The artist's work focused on the auditory sensory processing system, and its impacts on human potential while reframing the collective memories of our communities and potentializing the future of sound, music and movement within integrative medicine.

ASE collaborates with communities, conferences, galleries, festivals and more.